The future winning power companies are driven by customer experience

There corporation, creating new customer experiences

The day electricity was invented it sure became one of history’s greatest customer experiences.

Few weeks back I asked a large group of people what was their relationship with electricity and what electricity means to them and got a whole bunch of different answers. The peaking discussions topics were the price and how to save in electricity costs. But we all shared the same opinion that electricity is just something that has always been there and will always be, right?

From a power company’s perspective the race for the best price is bad. Electricity is a commodity product and the race for offering the best price is tough. Like comparing two red apples in the same size but with different price. Which one would you choose? Not everyone can be the Ryan-Air of the electricity market.

At the same time, turning this simple price race into something else is of course a great opportunity. In the following years we will see a massive transformation of the energy market, lead by digitalization to name one.

To tackle this challenge, and to find a strong value proposition for a future business, we need to go back in time. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he invented something enabled with electricity. This created a value, a customer experience.

One of the future winners is the one creating new customer experiences enabled by electricity.

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