More comfort, less cost. Automatically.

More comfort, but at the same time cutting down on energy cost. Automatically. Well, this is what we do. The There Home Energy Management Platform enables that consumers can profit by sharing resources when they don’t need them and take climate positive actions even while asleep

Home energy management features

Cloud Based

The There system uses Internet to connect your appliances to the cloud from where it receives signals regarding electricity price and weather. This information is then combined with the information about your home.

Smart energy

The There system automatically chooses the most cheapest and most ecologically produced electricity hours for when to heat your home. Allowing you to take climate positive actions without effort. Smart.

More comfort, less price

By actively monitoring price, weather and temperature, heating your home becomes a dynamic, automatic process. For you it means more comfort at a lower price.


The There system works wirelessly. This means it fits both a newer and older home without cable work.

Making your home smart

Who would have thought that your heating system from the 80’s could send you automatic messages on how the system is working?

Be in control, wherever, whenever

The There user interface lets you monitor and control both the heating and other sensors and devices connected in the home. Giving you a piece of mind when away from home.

Works with various systems

Direct Electrical Heating

Electric boiler

District Heating

Dual Fuel (oil/gas)


Get In Touch

Customer service

The There product family can be purchased only through our partner network. Anyhow, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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