Connecting homes and energy market

The digitalization of the energy market has begun. We can help you take a giant leap on that path. Our Home Energy Management platform connects the consumers to be an active part of the energy market. With the help of our platform, a totally new added value can be generated for both consumers and for service providers. Lets start the journey.

Why our Home Energy Management platform will transform your business?

Case Fortum Fiksu

Fortum is a forerunner on the massively evolving energy market. As part of Fortums strategy to turn traditional electricity sales into service experiences, the Fortum Fiksu product family has been developed together with There.

Create new customer experiences

While services based on security and entertainment has made its way into the consumer homes, electricity is still seen as a commodity. We help you to build services to strengthen your value proposition.

Say goodbye to churn

97% of our end-users recommend our service.

Connect homes to demand response

We balance the energy market supply and demand by making the customer an active part of the supply chain. In this way, we can avoid the most expensive and most polluting electricity generation ways during peak-hours.


We operate on a fully as-a-service cloud model.

There as a business partner

Taking the first steps towards a digitalized business model needs guidance. That is why we are teamed up with specialists for every occasion. From strategy and business modeling to go-to-market operations. We will get your There.

A few of our selected customers

Fortum Oyj

Helen Oy

Fingrid Oy

Interested in partnerships with There? Let’s talk.

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